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Client Families

Working with people we truly enjoy and respect fuels our deep internal conviction to carry the torch forward in planning. We commit the endurance, diligence and patience necessary to see your choices through to completion, because only the most meticulously executed strategies have the power and potential to outlast your outcome. And with a written business succession plan in place, you can rest assured that our firm is poised to help your Why outlast your lifetime, flowing into future generations with communication, leadership and stewardship.

Our clients span the generations, come from a variety of backgrounds, and have found success in a myriad of different ways. One thing they have in common, though, is pressing desire to make wise decisions with what they have in order to impact the people they love. Some of our client families are shown below.

Jeff Austin, Jr.

"Austin Bank has been committed to East Texas families and businesses for over 100 years. Financial stability is of critical importance for our banks, our customers, our employees and our family."

The Cavender Family

Cavender's Boot City is a multigenerational western wear company known as the place "Where Texans Get Their Boots." Serving Texas in over 40 locations creates challenges for a family-owned business, as well as many opportunities.

Doug Pederson

"As a Head Football Coach in the National Football League, my time is very demanding not only because of my job but because I want to devote time to my family. The level of professionalism and integrity I bring to my team is the same level that I ask of those helping me prepare for my family’s financial future."

Phil Dawson

"Being a professional football player can be extremely demanding. The relatively short career span requires my best performance at all times. As physically demanding as football can be, planning for my financial future is even tougher. Uncertainties and variables like performance, injury, and age make planning for my future challenging."

Robert J. O'Neill

Former SEAL Team Six Operator

"As a former SEAL Team Six Operator with over 16 years in the U.S. Navy and over 400 combat missions, I counted on my team to always have my back. I always had their backs, and that is why we were so successful. As I moved on from that part of my life, I quickly realized that this same principle applies to success in normal life. When my wife Jessica and I began to look for a Financial Advisor, we knew we wanted someone who would always have our backs. Most importantly, we wanted the security of feeling like we were their only clients."

John Camp

"As an orthopedic surgeon, I guide my patients to decisions that have a significant impact on their life and future. Making definitive impactful decisions about the future of our finances and family has allowed me to be a better surgeon, son, husband, father, and friend. Preparing for our future has made life better and our family stronger."