Why JFG?

The people who are referred to us have other advisors with whom they have discussed their affairs and executed planning strategies. They’re smart, successful, and have been decisive all their lives. They’re sought after as bosses and mentors, friends and confidants, because they’re innately adept at knowing what direction to take. Yet despite all that, they haven’t found personal peace and conviction surrounding the future of their life’s work.

That's where we come in.

Through The Bigger Conversations™, we are uniquely qualified to help our clients unearth the missing link and take action on it. Our team is comprised of highly-specialized professionals who work together to help our clients discover their why and align their wealth with their values. Led by Founder Rodger Johnson and Partner Tiffany Kirgan, every person you encounter here has a part in helping you discover your vision, define your legacy, and make the lasting impact you seek.

Mission Statement

To Help

To help families sustain financial security and stability with the highest level of personal and professional service.

To Build

To build long-term relationships that are mutually beneficial.

To Collaborate

To collaborate with a team of professionals in various disciplines as needed to meet the individual needs of each family.